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Strange and Paranormal Tales from Malacca

This book chronicles a collection of more than 50 strange and paranormal stories reported from Malacca’s past. Follow our Facebook page to find out more!

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Memorandum of the Fleets

This book features, pictorially, the composition of the individual fleets sent out between 1497 and 1563. It also places us in a position to gain further information about the names of the individual vessels, the officers placed in charge, the frequency with which the expeditions were sent out, their route to and from the East Indies, the size and composition of the various fleets and the fate of individual vessels.

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Our Resident Author

Dennis De Witt

As a 5th generation Dutch Eurasian originally from Malacca, Malaysia, Dennis De Witt has developed a keen interest on subjects relating to Dutch influences in Malaysian history due to his own heritage. In 2009, he was named as the winner of the ‘Dutch incentive prize for Genealogy’ for his book ‘History of the Dutch in Malaysia’ and he received his prize in the Netherlands. He was the first ever recipient of this prize who is not a Dutch citizen.

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