About Us

In 2007, Nutmeg Publishing started out as an independent publisher. Now, Nutmeg Books acts as an online distributor of books on the topics pertaining to Malaysian history, culture and heritage. Nutmeg Books also deals with antiquarian and hard-to-find books on history and Malaysiana titles.

From local libraries such as the National Library of Malaysia and foreign libraries of Singapore, Australia, The Netherlands and New York, to Malaysian tour guides, governmental agencies and history buffs, our books can be found within the shelves of those who are captivated by Malaysian heritage and culture.

Our Mission

To spread knowledge, promote writing and make available books pertaining to heritage and history as well as difficult to find Malaysiana titles to the masses, and to help promote Malaysia's rich and colourful history and heritage through books.

Our Vision

To become a premier antiquarian bookstore supplying a variety of Malaysian and Asian history and heritage books.

We're not just here

You can also find our publications at these places!

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