Malay Customs And Traditions

Malay Customs And Traditions

Alwi Bin Sheikh Alhady

RM 150.00

  • Publication Year: 1967
  • Publisher: Donald Moore Press Ltd.
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Pages: 128 pages
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Edition: Reprint
  • Condition: Used


This book is derived from firsthand knowledge of the customs and traditions of the Malays. The author, Tuan Syed Alwi bin Sheikh Alhady, writes with authority and in detail not only on royal customs as observed in his childhood at the Royal Court of Rhio (and still for the most part practiced today), but also on general household and kampong customs handed down orally through the years.

It is believed that Malay Customs and Traditions is the first book published in English on its subject, and it should prove of great interest toallwho are concerned with Malaya and the customs of its people.