Images of Asia Collection Set

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Images of Asia Collection Set

Sarnia Hayes Hoyt, Maya Jayapal, J. M. Gullick

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  • Publication Year: 1994
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Pages: 84, 97, 87, 84 pages
  • ISBN: 9835600120, 9835600171, 019588552X, 9676530735


Special Straits Settlements + Kuala Lumpur Series
Old Malacca, Old Penang, Old Singapore + Old Kuala Lumpur

This collectable set of books chart the growth of four important colonial cities and outpost, drawing on contemporary maps, sketches and photographs to engrossing effect.

Malacca by Sarnia Hayes Hoyt The book is beautifully illustrated with color reproductions, black and white prints and maps. It introduces readers to Malacca's historical periods to explain how the city has acquired its present-day character, and to remind readers of the various elements which have gone into Malacca's cultural make-up.

Old Penang by Sarnia Hayes Hoyt The book tells of how Francis Light, using economic inventiveness, attracted peoples from all over the region so that the first settlement in the Strait quickly became a place where `so many people are assembled together and so great a variety of langauges are spoken in so small a space'. This cosmopolitan flavour, combined with natural scenic beauty, made Penang a favourite port of call fpr travellers on the long voyage from Europe to the Fare East.

Old Singapore by Maya Jayapal Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819, Singapore confirmed British control of the Malayan peninsula. Drawing on the impressions of a century of visitors and over 40 contemporary illustrations, this is a vivid sketch of the planning and construction of Singapore, and its development into a thriving port.

Old Kuala Lumpur by J. M. Gullick Written by a renowned historian and retired Malayan civil servant, this book traces its remarkable rise from a small trading post on a river bank far in the interior, to the proud status of state, then federal, and finally national capital.