Plants and Flowers of Malaysia

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Plants and Flowers of Malaysia

Ivan Polunin

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  • Publication Year: 2004
  • Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Pages: 160 pages
  • ISBN: 9789812328878
  • Edition: Reprint


From mountain peaks to coastlines, Malaysia boasts rich and varied flora. About ten thousand species of flowering plant are found in the states of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. This figure represents 4 percent of the world's total flowering plants and does not include the species introduced to the region from the great rainforests of tropical America and Africa.

A lavishly illustrated handbook, 'Plants and Flowers of Malaysia' captures some of the wonderful, weird, beautiful, rare and common plants that are part of Malaysia's natural heritage. The book features 170 native and naturalized Malaysian plant species, including a parade of carnivorous pitcher plants - the world's most successful vegetable trappers of insects - and extraordinary ant plants; the fantastic, giant-flowered, parasitic Rafflesia; little-known mountain rhododendrons; and beautiful orchids.

Full colour photographs illustrate each species and the accompanying caption contains a wealth of information about the plant, its origin and its uses. A special section on climbers and epiphytes is also featured. All these make this book an invaluable introduction to the plants and flowers of Malaysia.