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Stories by Eurasians, about Eurasians and for Eurasians


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ISBN: 9781310573545
Description: Eurasians at the Grassroots - Vol.1 is a collection of short stories regarding Eurasians and the memories of Eurasians. Its purpose is to collect and publish stories as a collective work about Eurasians, by Eurasians and for Eurasians. There are stories about Eurasians contributed from Malaysia, Singapore, as well as from Australia, The Netherlands and USA.
Word Count: 15,150 (approx.)
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Submit your Eurasian short stories to:

Please remember to include: Article Title,
Author's Full Name and current town
and country of residence.

(Please send email submissions as either Rich Text (RTF) or Word documents attachements)


EURASIANS AT THE GRASSROOTS is an attempt to record stories regarding the Eurasians and the memories of Eurasians. Its purpose is to collect as many short stories as possible by Eurasians, about Eurasians and for Eurasians, no matter where they are, and to have it published as a collective work by different contributors.

It is intended for the publication to consist of collection of short stories about the background, history, culture and heritage of the average Eurasian family. It will include stories from the poor fisherman or office clerk to any Eurasian family who held some post of distinction, and ALL in between. It can come from people who are in Malaysia or outside Malaysia, as well as written by Eurasians and even non-Eurasians, or even by those who consider themselves as Eurasians. It could be about the average and ordinary Eurasian family life and even memories of festivals, music, language, food, sports, war days, school days, neighbourhood, family circle and family history.


Also, please do share with us your photos to be used in the publication. All photos will require appropriate accompanying captions. Please also make sure that it is clear and in a suitable size.


There is no restriction on the length of the manuscript submitted. However, an ideal manuscript length would be between 1 1/2 to 3 pages long (approximately 1,000 to 2,000 words). Please include (i) the Article Title, (ii) Author's Full Name and (iii) the Author's current place of residence (ie. town and country).


We will accept email submissions at any time and submission will close on 30th September 2013. We reserve the right to extend the submission date. Thereafter, submissions will be compiled and published as soon as possible after the closing date.


We wish to suggest to especially include contributions by either the elders or about the elders. Elders, write and share about your own experiences so that it could be a legacy to be bequeathed for future generations. Children and grand children, please write and send to us stories about the experiences of your parents or grandparents.

You may write about yourself, as well as your brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. In short, anything Eurasian!


This project is open to all. It is in no way restricted to geographical aspects, time era or any Eurasian group or sub-group. However, your contribution must fit into the general Eurasian theme. You may also submit as many short stories as you like.


The final product will be an electronic publication about all the different aspects of Eurasianess that has become lesser known these days. This will be made freely available to all individuals, organisations and libraries around the world.


There is no fee to participate in this project. This project is supported and assisted by Nutmeg Publishing as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility projects pertaining to supporting culture and heritage issues and it is non-commercial in nature. Nutmeg Publishing will act as the facilitator to this project and we will not claim for the rights to any of the manuscripts submitted and copyrights will remain at the hands of the respective authors.


Please only submit to us an original work created by yourself. The Author shall be solely responsible on any legal action on plagiarism and copyright infringement.
Please refrain from including hate topics and personal attacks on any particular individuals or groups of individuals.
Please avoid all forms of negative racism and all issues belittling any particular race or ethnic groups.
Topics relating to a sexual nature that is deemed unsuitable will not be accepted for this project.
We reserve the right to edit the material to suit the presentation and available space, but wherever possible the author will be consulted on any additions or changes.
We also reserve the right to reject articles that we deem to be unsuitable or inappropriate for any reason.
Use of language, spelling and grammar will be the responsibility of the author and we recommend that you check your article thoroughly before submitting to us.


Please contact us at the above email should you have any further questions.

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